Friday, July 19, 2013

Christmas in July day 19

Socks!  Socks!! Socks!!!  Lovely socks!  Love to knit them in worsted weight to wear in the house.  I'm a barefoot kinda girl.  I have done socks with fine yarn and given them away and they are worn out.  I have done the slipper sock  in worsted weight and some felted after mishandling in the washing.  

When I teach socks, I have new people do a training sock with thicker yarn and needles to learn the parts of a sock and to make it easier to learn fundamentals of socks.

For durability, I personally prefer some nylon in the yarn and a good pedicure on the wearer.  The pedicure is to get rid of rough spots on the feet to prevent snags or excessive wear.  The nylon is because I like to be barefoot.

The basic "vanilla" sock pattern out there is fairly simple to follow whether it is toe up or top down.  You need 3 basic measurements of your intended recipient.  1) From the floor up the leg to the desired height.  2) From the back of the heel to the tip of the toe minus 1/4 to 1/2 inch.  3) Around the ball of the foot, also minus 1/4 to 1/2 inch.  Remember knitting stretches and socks should have negative ease.

Patterns abound since the sock craze hit in the early 2000's.

ribbed socks
slipper socks

There are even crocheted socks.  colorful crochet socks